Week 9

Read: Celestial physics (Chap. 14), Broken spheres (Chap. 15), Kepler's third law (Chap. 16) and Kepler's first and second laws (Chap. 17). Actually, this is probably too much; just read the introductions, and skim the chapters if you are tight on time.
Quiz: Monday. Covers Copernicus' Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres.

Homework exercises: Kepler's third law (Ex. 16.1), Mind in nature (Ex. 16.2), Kepler's first law (Ex. 17.1), Optional: Kepler's second law (Ex. 17.3)

Laboratory exercises: Each group must demonstrate how to set up and polar align the telescope by the end of this week. Be sure to be keep up with your Planetary and Lunar observations.

Broken spheres (no videos yet…):

Kepler's third law (no videos yet…):

Kepler's first and second laws (no videos yet…):
Intro. to Astronomy