Week 3

Read: Harmony and Complexity (Chap. 3) and Earth at the Center of the World (Chap. 4). This week we will be discussing Aristotle's On the Heavens during class.
Quiz: Monday quiz. Covers four stories, zodiac, and Stellarium.

Homework exercises: Science and Speculation (Ex. 1.1), Measuring the Earth (Ex. 4.1). Each exercise should be written on a separate sheet of paper, scanned, and submitted via Canvass. Due noon on Saturday of Week 3.

Laboratory exercises: Stargazing laboratory (Ex. 5.3). During the lab period, I will show you how to identify the constellations. Later in the week you (and a partner, if you wish) should go out and try to identify the constellations on your own. Be sure to record the time, sky conditions, location, objects, observed, and sketches in your lab book. Scan your lab book page (one page minimum) and upload it to canvass. Due noon Monday Week 4.

Nature, Number and Substance (2 videos):

The shape and motion of the heavens (4 videos):

Harmony and Complexity (3 videos):

Earth at the center of the world (3 videos):

Intro. to Astronomy