Week 4

Read: The world of Ptolemy (Chap. 5), Measuring the Tropical Year (Chap. 6) and Geometrical Tools (Chap. 7). (Actually, why don't we skip Chap. 6. We also may not get to Chap. 7…)
Quiz: Monday. Covers Aristotle's On the Heavens.

Homework exercises: Shape of the Earth (Ex. 5.2), Measuring the year (Ex. 6.1a), Altitude of the sun (Ex. 7.2)

Laboratory exercises: Building a cross-staff (Ex. 7.5). Your cross-staff will be used later, when you are doing your Planetary observations (Ex. 3.2) and your Lunar observations (Ex. 8.4).

The World of Ptolemy (8 videos):

Flat earth!

Measuring the tropical year (no videos…):

Geometrical tools (no videos yet):
Intro. to Astronomy