Week 7

Read: Heliocentrism: hypothesis or truth? (Chap. 11) and Earth as a Wandering Star (Chap. 12)
Quiz: Monday. Cover's Waldseemuller's On Cosmography.

Homework exercises: Goal of astronomy essay (Ex. 11.3), Copernicus and Aristotle essay (Ex. 12.1).

Laboratory exercises: Setting up a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. This week, each group must sign up for a 45-minute time slot during week 7, 8 or 9 in which they demonstrate how to set up and polar align the telescope. Also, be sure to be keep up with your Planetary and Lunar observations.

Heliocentrism: hypothesis or truth? (6 videos):

Earth as a wandering star (1 video)

How to set up a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (8 videos for PHY 105 students)

Intro. to Astronomy