Week 7

Read: Heliocentrism: hypothesis or truth? (Chap. 11) and Earth as a Wandering Star (Chap. 12)
Quiz: Monday. Covers Waldseemuller's On Cosmography.

Homework exercises: Goal of astronomy essay (Ex. 11.3), Copernicus and Aristotle essay (Ex. 12.1). Due noon Saturday week 7.

Laboratory exercises: Partial Solar Eclipse Oct. 14 around noon! This week in lab, I will demonstrate how to set up our Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Each group of two must sign up for a 45-minute time slot during week 7, 8 or 9 in which they demonstrate how to set up and polar align the telescope in the hallway of the science building. Also, be sure to submit your weekly planet observation by noon Monday week 8.

Heliocentrism: hypothesis or truth? (6 videos):

Earth as a wandering star (1 video)

How to set up a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (8 videos for PHY 105 students)

Intro. to Astronomy