Week 6

Read: From Astronomy to Cartography (Chap. 9) and Climates and Continents (Chap. 10). Actually, you can skip Chap. 10.
Quiz: Monday. Covers Bede's The reckoning of time.

Homework exercises: Latitudes (Ex. 9.1), Waldseemuller's worldview (Ex. 9.2)

Laboratory exercises: Latitude and longitude observations (Ex. 9.3). This involves one evening observation and one noon-time observations. These can be done anytime during this week and the next. Just plan ahead so you don’t run into cloudy weather on the last day of the week! Also, be sure to be keep up with your Planetary and Lunar observations.

From astronomy to cosmography (3 videos):

Climates and continents (no videos yet…):
Intro. to Astronomy