Week 10

Read: Does Nature Abhor a Vacuum (ASGv2 Chap. 18); Mass, Momentum and Force (Chap. 19); and Absolute and Relative Motion (ASGv2 Chap. 20).

Key topics: Mass, momentum, inertia, force, centripetal force, absolute and relative motion,
  1. Inertia and Force (Ex. 19.1),
  2. Centripetal Force (Ex. 19.2);
  3. Relative linear motion (Ex. 20.1)

Lab: Force diagram lab. Sample force table picture. Logger Pro analysis screenshot.

Chapter 18 (1 video):

Chapter 19 (8 videos):

In the next four lecture videos below, I provide some background on the philosophical context in which Newton was doing his work. It is basically a quick overview of Aristotelian/Medieval philosophy of science. You will probably find this to be a bit foreign. Don't worry, and don't get too hung up.

Now let's talk about Newton's Definitions in the beginning of his Principia

Chapter 20 (4 videos):

Physics 1