Week 7

Read: Reason, Authority and Science (ASGv2 Chap. 13) and Pascal's Principle (ASGv2 Chap. 14).

Key topics: deductive and inductive reasoning, causality, final cause, hydrostatic paradox, pascal's principle, pressure, bernoulli's equaion (PHY 201).
  1. Hydraulics: A fluid-filled syringe has a plunger with a diameter of 1 cm. The needle has a diameter of 1 mm. The plunger is depressed at a rate of 1 cm per second.
  • With what speed will the fluid squirt from the tip of the needle?
  • If the end of the needle is capped, and a force of 1 pound is applied to the plunger, what force will be applied to the end cap? Explain your answer.
  1. Fluid weight (Ex. 14.1),
  2. Fluid equilibrium and the center of gravity (Ex. 14.2a, b),
  3. PHY 201: Fluid equilibrium and the center of gravity (Ex. 14.2c)

U-tube (Ex. 14.4), Torricelli's law (Ex. 14.5)

Strange: Galileo's finger is located in the Museo di Storia del Scienza in Florence, Italy (Hat tip to Rachel Dziekan, who kindly notified me of this link.)

Chapter 13 (1 video):

Chapter 14 (11 videos):

Physics 1