Week 16 (Apr. 29 - May 3)

Read: Lorentz transformations (ASGv2 Chap. 31) and Relativistic energy and Minkowski space(ASGv2 Chap. 32).

Key topics: Relativistic energy and momentum.
Quiz: covering week 15.


  1. Relativistic length contraction (Ex. 30.3)
  2. Relativistic velocity addition (Ex. 31.2),
  3. Galactic travel (Ex. 31.6),
  4. PHY 201: Relativistic energy (Ex. 32.2)

Lab: Lab cleanup; come to lab to inventory and organize lab bins (this is graded…) We will also review for the final during the lab section.

Chap. 31: Two videos on relativity.

Chap. 32: Four videos on relativity.

Bonus (optional) videos on relativity and time travel

Physics 1