Week 12

Read: Conservation of Momentum (ASGv2 Chap. 22) and The Third Law and the Power of Machines (ASGv2 Chap. 23).

Key topics: conservation of momentum, center of mass position and velocity, elastic and inelastic collisions,

PHY 201 Lecture: Elastic and inelastic collisions.
Quiz: There will be no quiz on week 12 since we don't have class on Monday.


  1. Force addition and Newton's Second Law (Ex. 22.1)
  2. A 1 gram spider is suspended by two threads. One attaches to the wall, the other to the ceiling. If the one attached to the wall is perfectly horizontal, and the one attached to the ceiling makes a 30 degree angle with the ceiling, then what is the tension in each thread? Solution.
  3. Ball stuck in a wedge (Ex. 22.2),
  4. Colliding Blocks (Ex. 22.4)
  5. Free Body Diagrams and projectiles (Ex. 23.1)
  6. PHY 201: Colliding steel pendulums (Ex. 22.3)
  7. PHY 201: Kinetic Energy (Ex. 23.5)

Lab: Force and rotation (Ex. 20.3). You will be guided through the lab by the "Force and Rotation Lab" . I would recommend that you watch the "Force and Rotation" lab videos form last week before coming to lab this week. These videos will greatly assist you in data collection and analysis.

Chapter 22 (9 videos)

Chapter 23 (5 videos):

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