Week 9

Read: Now you should definitely read Submerged Bodies (Chap. 15); Syringes, Siphons and Suckling Infants (Chap. 16); and Life Under a Sea of Air (Chap. 17).

Hydrostatic Pressure and Buoyancy (Ex. 15.1), Floating Ice Cube (Ex. 15.2), Valved Siphon (Ex. 16.4), Weighing Venus' Atmosphere (Ex. 17.2)

Lab: Canoe Conundrum (Ex. 15.3), Bell Jar Laboratory (Ex. 16.6)

Chapter 15 (7 videos):

Canoe conundrum video?

Chapter 16 (6 videos):

Chain siphon videos (2 optional videos): Here are two fun videos that discuss the "siphoning" of a string of beads. Notice, however, that a string of beads is "siphoned" for a very different reason than the siphons we've been discussing. In particular: the siphoning action is -not- produced by atmospheric pressure, but by the cohesion of the beads to one another.

Chapter 17 (2 videos):

Physics 1