Week 15

Read: The principle of relativity (ASGv2 Chap. 29) and The absolute speed of light (ASGv2 Chap. 30).

Key topics: principle of relativity, speed of light postulate, relativistic time dilation and length contraction,
Quiz: covering week 14.


  1. Inertial coordinates (Ex. 29.1),
  2. Simultaneity (Ex. 30.1),
  3. Relativistic time dilation (Ex. 30.2),
  4. Relativistic length contraction (Ex. 30.3)

Lab: Relativity laboratory (Ex. 29.2). The following four videos walk you through the lab.

Chapter 29:
Three videos on Einstein's principle of relativity.

Chapter 30: Eleven videos on Newton's theory of relativity.

Physics 1