Week 15 (Apr. 22 - 26)

Read: The principle of relativity (ASGv2 Chap. 29) and The absolute speed of light (ASGv2 Chap. 30).

Key topics: principle of relativity, speed of light postulate, relativistic time dilation and length contraction,
Quiz: covering week 14.

You should finish the Newton's law of gravity problems that we postponed from last week (see week 14 homework). Here are some additional problems that will be due at the end of week 16.
  1. Inertial coordinates (Ex. 29.1),
  2. Simultaneity (Ex. 30.1),
  3. Relativistic time dilation (Ex. 30.2),

Lab: Relativity laboratory (Ex. 29.2). The following four videos walk you through the lab.

Chapter 29:
Three videos on Einstein's principle of relativity.

Chapter 30: Eleven videos on Newton's theory of relativity.

Physics 1