Week 6

Read: and Equilibrium, Force and Acceleration (ASGv2 Ch. 10). From Conic Sections to Projectile Motion (ASGv2 Chap. 11) and The Speed and Force of a Projectile (ASGv2 Chap. 12).

Key topics: two-dimensional kinematics, projectile motion

PHY 201 lecture: More 2 d kinematics: archery problem on a slope (Ex. 11.2b).
Quiz: Quiz covering week 5 material.

  1. Archery (Ex. 11.2a)
  2. Soccer problem: A soccer player kicks a ball with an initial speed of 4 m/s at an angle of 30 degrees above the horizontal. How much time is the ball in the air before it lands on the ground? What is the maximum height the ball reaches? What is the ball's range? What is its velocity at the top of its flight (magnitude and direction)? What is its velocity at the moment it strikes the ground? And what is its velocity at the moment it is halfway up to its maximum height? Solution.
  3. Artillery problem: An ambitious artillery officer wishes to fire a projectile from ground level so that it goes through a small window in a distant tower. The window is 30 meters above ground level. The tower is 8 kilometers from the launch point. The gun is aimed 30 degrees above the horizontal. What must be the muzzle velocity so that the projectile goes into the window? Assume that there is no wind or other drag acting on the projectile while in flight.
  4. PHY 201: Inclined Plane (Ex. 10.1)
  5. PHY 201: Terminal velocity (Ex. 11.3)
  6. PHY 201: Castaway physics (Ex. 12.1)

Artillery (Ex. 11.4). This week, we will do high-precision measurements of the muzzle velocity of a projectile launcher. We will then use the muzzle velocity to predict the range of the launcher when fired from atop a lab bench at a 25 degree angle above the horizontal. High stakes: your lab grade will be based on the percent error or your measurements!

Chapter 10: The next videos deal with Galileo's use of the famous work of Simon Stevenus in order to determine the acceleration of objects sliding down a ramp.

Chapter 10: The next video is for PHY 201 students.

Chapter 11 & 12: The following 6 videos deal with Galileo's theory of projectile motion and artillery.

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