Week 12

Read: Measuring light's wavelength (Chap. 20), Films, bubbles and rainbows (Chap. 21). Unfortunately, in the interest of time, we will need to skip over reading Chapters 18 and 19. In these chapters, Newton describers his particle theory of light and his ideas on polarization. You should watch the chapter 18 videos—to get a sense of what we are skipping—but no need to read the text.
Quiz: Monday.

HW: Fiber interference fringes (Ex. 20.1), Two-slit interference pattern (Ex. 20.3), Diffraction gratings (Ex. 20.4*), Soap film interference (Ex. 21.1), Optical path length (Ex. 21.2)

Lab: Measuring hair diameter (Ex. 20.2)

Chapter 18 (3 videos on Newton's Optics):

Chapter 20 (3 videos):

Chapter 21 (2 videos):

Physics 2