Week 11

Read: Reflection of Light Waves (Chap. 15); Opacity, transparency, and Snell's law (Chap. 16);, Atmospheric refraction (Chap. 17),
Quiz: Monday.

  1. Snell's law from wave refraction (ex. 16.1)
  2. Snell's law from fermat's principle (Ex. 16.2*)
  3. Spherical mirrors and the thin-lens equation (Ex. 12.7*).

Lab: Keplerian telescope lab.

Chapter 15 (2 videos):

Check out the following link to an applet designed by Walter Fendt. It clearly illustrates the reflection and refraction of light waves using Huygens' Principle

Chapter 16 (2 videos):

Chapter 17 (1 videos):

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