Week 4

Read: Beams, bones and giants (Chap. 7) and Naturally accelerated motion (Chap. 8).

forestry (6.6), limestone pillar (7.1a), truth and error (8.1), motion sketching (8.2), PHY 201: limestone pillar (7.1 b), equation of motion for falling bodies (8.3)

Beam breaking (Ex. 6.8)

Extras: High winds level forests. Here is a relevant 2016 article by French physicists about the critical wind speed at which trees break. They cite the work of Galileo. Also: here is a nice modern discussion of how living organisms' anatomy varies with their size. This approach is largely derived from Galileo's discussion of scaling in his Dialogues.

Chapter 7 (2 videos):

Chapter 8 (6 videos)

Physics 1